Very pleased to meet you :) My name is Anders and this is my blog. I am an entrepreneur, software developer, life hacker, and all-around good guy trying to save the human race. You know, normal stuff.

I post various things on various places on the internet. So here is a list of where you can follow me and what I use each social media format for.

My blog

For tutorials and thoughts of a lengthier kind. I will not call them personal, even though they obviously all contain my personal opinion, but still. You will not see any short blog posts here about basically nothing. I leave that for Google+ :P


So this is where you can follow me if you want to get personal... Personal, not private, mind you! Private I keep... well just that, private ;) But on Google+ I might share links, thoughts, and music I like. All that jazz :) I am an atheist and have no respect for the concept of "taboo". So please keep that in mind and if you dislike then stop reading :) Thank you :) However, I do love discussions. So if you are rational of mind and want to share and interact. Don't hold back! I am ready to stand corrected and learn, are you? :)


My professional profile. All work. I will not add anyone I do not know personally to my network. A previous professional relationship is required (personal friends and respected real-life acquaintances are an exception).

Company website

I am CEO and co-founder of a Danish software company, Haugstad & Terkelsen, specialised in cloud software solutions. You can follow company news directly on the website, the company LinkedIn page or Google+ page.

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