Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Life is just a ride, and how to avoid ending in the void.

Bill Hicks used to say "life is just a ride", and I completely agree.

He wasn't just talking about not taking life too seriously, but doing what you love, and making that your life. Whenever I set a goal for myself I remember Bill's words. I use them to stay mindful of my motivations, to ensure that I never pursue what I call a hollow goal. Your should never pursue an end. If you get on a roller-coaster ride with the sole purpose of reaching the end, then get off, you are obviously not enjoying yourself.

To give a few examples of hollow goals, and their fulfilling alternatives consider the following:
A. I want to get married.
B. I want to live a married adult life. Sharing my love and interests with someone I deeply care for. 

A. I want to be a project manager.
B. Problem solving inspires me and I love working with people and helping all in the team maintain a common vision through enthusiasm and love for what we do.

The As are hollow. When you reach such a goal, you suddenly go: "Oh, now what." or "Okay, now I'm here, but I don't like it here". You stranded yourself in the void.

Pursuing a fulfilling goal will always lead to new goals, never an end, and when you pursue a fulfilling goal your motivation for getting through whatever sweat and tears it takes to get there will be way greater. In fact, when the going gets tough, but you push through because you know you are pursuing something you love, then it might actually motivate you even more.

Life is a journey inwards. You are searching for yourself. Life is "the search for", not "the finding of" yourself. You do change, don't you? So that means your search will continue to go on, all your life. Every moment an adventure of self-realisation.

Let your inspiration and dreams guide you. Turn those dreams into fulfilling goal, and jump on your ride. You can change your ride, while you are on it, you are allowed to and you will want to. Quit worrying about who or what you want, or think you ought to be. You are just one thing, and that is you, a human being, standing on a great big living spaceship hurling through space at aprroximately 30 kilometres per second. You are on the ride of your life and it's deadly, so make the most of it and strive to enjoy every single moment.

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