Thursday, 19 March 2015

Avoid emotional eating

Life hacker had a nice little article about "the broccoli test" as a way to avoid emotional eating. I have used similar tricks before, and also, when I do get a real craving for food, but it is not yet time to eat (e.g. due to a special diet combined with a work-out program), I treat myself to a few cherry tomatoes and a glass of water. I love tomatoes of all sorts, they have nearly no calories, taste great and gives my stomach something to do for a while. But apart from that I really like the broccoli test. I will for sure be using that trick the next 8 weeks since I am once again starting a so-called "cutting phase".

During the last 12 weeks I have been putting on approximately 4 kg of muscles and gotten my standard bench press, squat and dead-lift up to 100 kg again (three sets of 6-8 reps). I lost a lot of weight before last winter due to overworking myself, sleeping way to little, and generally using coffee for food... Yea, stupid, but I had deadlines that were forced upon by the world (not by bad planning), and I hate giving up ;) However, while gaining all this muscle weight I have also gained about 5 kg of fat, and since I have been really used to eating a lot more every day cutting down gives me serious cravings. I used to have between 8-10% body fat. Last winter it was down below 6% (way to little for me! I look like a drug addict in that state), and now it is about 13%. What a roller-coaster ride! Well, in 8 weeks I will be down to 10% again. For sure. I know my body well and exactly how to hack it.

So, by the end of May I should be able to post a picture of me being buff and ripped! Ha! Okay, I'll spare you that :P But I might write about whether or not I succeeded (and I will succeed! Again!) and what my methods were.

Goal: Super-human! ;)

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