Wednesday, 21 January 2015

We all procrastinate, here is a short motivational video on how to stop.

We all procrastinate, every day. Luckily it actually isn't that hard to stop ourselves from procrastinating. Personally I make sure to use my creative surge in the morning to get a lot done, and also use meditation (5 minutes at a time) throughout the day to keep my calm and strengthen my focus.

However, I just tonight stumbled upon a Youtuber who calls himself Humble the Poet. He does these really nice, approximately 2 minute long, videos on various (mostly motivational) topics. He also did a video about procrastination. I actually think he nailed it. Both in what he says but also his personality and his way of communicating his point of view makes the video really great. There are a handful of videos that I watch quite often, as motivation, as well as a bunch of good blog posts. It's a nice alternative to meditation for keeping focus. A smiling and motivational human being can give you a boost of energy in just a few minutes. It will make you just start working, even if you feel you are not ready or are afraid of performing sub-optimally. The key to success is getting stuff done, not how good the stuff is. It will get better over time, the more you get done. Practice makes perfect and procrastination causes you to get no practice at all. Just start working and you well get into the flow of it. Once you are there, you will get a lot done and the hours will fly by... voila, procrastination is gone. It will come back, but just watch the video again, or meditate, or some other procrastition killing exercise and get back into it.

Note: Breaks from your work/hobbies are okay. If you work too much your brain will burn out. However, don't trick yourself into thinking you need breaks during your day every 10 minutes... that is procrastination. Get off Facebook, Twitter, Google, your phone, whatever, and get back to work. Long term achievements are what you want.

Now. Watch HtP's video:

Enjoy and may you have many productive and joyfully creative days :)

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