Thursday, 8 January 2015

Turn off G+ for Google Business. Multiple Google accounts - Round 2.

Google+ has been available for Google Business accounts for quite some time now and there were good reasons to activate back in the day. It allowed you to easily text, voice, and video chat with colleagues. However, the company Google+ profiles you get were public. A very annoying issue, but luckily Google created a fix (I have written another blog post about that).

However, having a company Google+ profile doesn't make sense to me. Maybe for really big companies it is useful but for me the only reason to active Google+ was to enable Google Hangouts. I want video chat functionalities inside the company and the ability to invite people from outside as well but without getting another Google+ profile .

Good news! Now I can. I am not sure exactly when Google made this change but now, if you disable Google+ on your business account, you can still create meetings with video conferencing via Google Calendar and invite people from outside the company as well.

If you still want text chat then you can activate chat in Gmail or use a stand-alone chat client. I prefer the latter and use the Hangouts chrome app, which integrates well with Ubuntu Gnome.

The last issue for me was having calendars on multiple Google accounts. Android devices support multiple Google accounts but Google has no such feature for the PC desktop.

My solution so far is to use the Sunrise Calendar chrome app. It is pretty and supports multiple Google accounts. It does however lack the feature for adding video hangouts to events you create but you can get around that issue by activating "Automatically add video calls to events that I create" in your Google Calendar settings.

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