Saturday, 3 January 2015

Make your Google contact list a stand-alone web app

When using my Google Business accounts I have access to a separate web app for managing my contacts. This is how it should be, as our contacts are used all over the place by many different Google apps. You also have a separate Contacts app on Android phones. However, the Contact web app not show up when logged in to a normal Google account. But don worry, you can access it as a normal Google user as well by visiting

When you are in the Contacts web app, try clicking on the Google apps button and you will see a "Add link to this app" (perhaps phrased differently) at the bottom of your app grid. Click that and now you have a nice Contacts short-cut to use.

I seems like a properly implemented feature but when you click the "More" link that is at the very bottom of your app grid it will send you to a new page with a list of Google apps and Contacts in not on that list. Maybe it is still a hidden feature, just like Google Keep was for a long time. Not sure, I just thought that the link above would work, and it did.

Well, anyway. From me to you, enjoy :)

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