Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Glass instead of plastic when it comes to storing food and drink

It seems like scientist keep finding harmful chemicals in plastics, so instead of having to worry about poising myself in the kitchen I have replaced my old plastic kitchenware with glass versions.

The the small Pyrex 4-in-1 container in the picture is just awesome. I bought a whole bunch. It can go directly from fridge to microwave and has a rubber plug in the middle that can be pulled up to let a bit of air in (for when in the microwave). You can also get square versions and a larger square one as well.

The bottles are great too. I use the small one (400 mL) at the gym, and the large on (1L) for keeping cold water in the fridge. They both aluminium lids.

So unless some of the few rubber parts suddenly turn out to be toxic as well then I think I'm good. I am normally not paranoid about stuff like this, however, I cook all my food for an entire day in the morning and store it in portions in small microwavable containers in the fridge. This allows me to easily eat them during the day. So if my old containers were toxic then I have been getting a hefty daily dose for quite some time. Better safe than sorry :)

All the products can be bought on Amazon. Here are the links:

BLUE 1.0L Glass Drinking Bottle / Fridge Bottle - Non-Slip Silicone Grip - BPA Free - 100% Recyclable

LIME GREEN 350ml Glass Drinking Bottle 'Curvy' - Non-Slip Silicone Ringed Grips - BPA Free - 100% Recyclable

Pyrex 15 cm/ 0.35 Litre 4-in-1 Plus Round Dish with Lid

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