Saturday, 20 December 2014

Nuclear Power

I never understood the rage against nuclear power. Probably because I found it fascinating and researched it all they way back when I was a teenager. Though I find fusion so much cooler than fission but we don't really have that properly working yet.

Just watched the documentary Pandora's Promise ( It is a pro-nuclear documentary. If you are afraid of nuclear power plants then just watch that. It's on Netflix. Checking up on the facts they mention is also really easy.

Unfortunately I found the documentary rather boring. Only the last 30 minutes were interesting to me. That is where they actually talk about modern reactor designs, the nuclear waste problem (that doesn't really exist), etc. Isn't it kind of sad to think that we could have 100% green energy already? Globally?

There are still a lot of old nuclear power plants that I personally think should be shut down and replaced with newer and safer ones. But apart from that, why oh why do people blinded by fear nearly always refuse to educate themselves about that which they fear? Or maybe not refuse but certainly don't consider it without being pushed in that direction. That is a really stupid way to respond to fear.

I want research and development in every kind of energy source, and I want to see production of clean and safe power plants. It is controversial but nuclear power is a green and safe energy source.

A nice little quote from the documentary, that might wake up some of the anti nuclear Danes: "France which is powered 80% by nuclear power is more green than green Denmark and more green than green Germany" (quoted from memory). I mean, Wikipedia says 75% percent, not 80% but that stills makes them the greenest country in the world when it comes to power from power plants.

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