Saturday, 20 December 2014

G+ as a blog. Please!

Dear Google. Will you please revise your definition of "Public"? I mean, think about it: If a public Google+ post was truly public then anyone who goes to my Google+ profile could see it. Even if they were not themselves Google+ members. That way I could just stop using by Blogger blog entirely (this one). Which btw. is owned by you, Google, as well. So dear Google: Please help put a stop to this silly social ecosystem war that you, Facebook, and other sites have going on. Let me just use Google+ and LinkedIn, and be done with it. I am tired of all the re-sharing and what-not. I just want to rant on the internet without having to rant about how annoying ranting on the internet actually is :P

The Google+ interface is so much better than the Blogger interface. I do just as long Google+ posts as blog posts anyways. Google, please, you pretty much dominate anyway. Just be cooler than the rest and don't give a shit. Less restrictions, cross site integration... Just make sure that all the privacy levels are optional and opt-in, not opt-out. Thank you :)

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