Saturday, 20 December 2014

Camp Takota

Just finished watching Camp Takota. That was a really sweet and wonderful feel-good movie. It made be think back on my own childhood. Both my years as a boy scout and all the nature outings with my parents. Even ├╝ber geeks need to know how to unplug, and kids especially. They should have all the technology their parents can afford, it is after all, the future, but they should also be taught the value of real life friendship and the joy of experiencing the outdoors. If not, they will probably die of a stress before they reach 40.

Three of my favourite internet personalities together in one movie. All showing really good acting skills and at the same time showing quite a lot of themselves (or at least of their YouTube-selves. That is after all the only way most of us know them). I love this new world of media where people get popular for being themselves and use that popularity to create and inspire. I hate the fact that idiots get popular as well, but hey, we can't have it all ;) I can warmly recommend the movie. It will make you smile :) ... and really want to party with those three crazies! :)

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