Friday, 17 May 2013

Bye bye zsh

So I finally did it. I abandoned zsh and now use bash. Why? Because bash is everywhere and I always end up writing bash scripts anyway. How can I live without zsh? Well, it turns out that bash has a quite excellent VI-mode. I would actually say it is superior to that of zsh. Sure, there are differences I adapted quickly, and the VI-mode feels a lot more responsive than that of zsh.

So bye bye zsh and thank you for many good years of service. I will not forget you and might come back some day, but I doubt it. I am getting old and lazy. My days of custom Linux installations are behind me. I need something proper, out-of-the-box, that "just works"... Today I spend my time on writing software and developing businesses. We all got to move on after all... bye zsh!

Now, would I ever abandon VIm? Of course not! I mean, unless a new superior editor with the same interaction scheme was invented. Someone should create that, by the way!

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