Friday, 1 February 2013

I got a zombie!

My sister is a brilliant artist, so I asked her to make a nice picture for me... of a zombie, of course! What kind of picture, what kind of zombie, didn't matter. I just wanted a zombie that my sister made especially for me, and I got one!

Isn't he beautiful? I think so! I've always loved zombies. Great horror creature.

The framing is just temporary. Simply framed it immediately after I got it to make sure that it wouldn't get damaged. Later I will get it framed in some gorgeous large dark wooden frame or something. Then it will look like a picture of someones granddad! If they had a walking dead for a granddad, that is.

For now it hangs above my guitars and amps. Giving the "music corner" in the living room a little extra flair.

Thank you so much dear sister! You are the best!

If you like the zombie then remember to check out my sister's blog She posts some of her work there.

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