Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pink Military

A good friend shared a YouTube video/song with the band Pink Military. I have been listening a lot to dark post-punk lately and this band is just amazing! Nice and relaxing to listen to. Great sound.

Friday, 1 February 2013

I got a zombie!

My sister is a brilliant artist, so I asked her to make a nice picture for me... of a zombie, of course! What kind of picture, what kind of zombie, didn't matter. I just wanted a zombie that my sister made especially for me, and I got one!

Isn't he beautiful? I think so! I've always loved zombies. Great horror creature.

The framing is just temporary. Simply framed it immediately after I got it to make sure that it wouldn't get damaged. Later I will get it framed in some gorgeous large dark wooden frame or something. Then it will look like a picture of someones granddad! If they had a walking dead for a granddad, that is.

For now it hangs above my guitars and amps. Giving the "music corner" in the living room a little extra flair.

Thank you so much dear sister! You are the best!

If you like the zombie then remember to check out my sister's blog http://frustation-ink.blogspot.dk/. She posts some of her work there.