Saturday, 2 June 2012

Beautiful creative jewelry - A brilliant idea

One again Coilhouse brings some good stufF:

First of all, I think the jewelry looks really gorgeous. Simplicity is beautiful. But what is really brilliant is that the jewelry now can express something personal.

- Create a set of earrings for yourself based on all the places you visited when you went abroad (assuming you are a girl).
- Create a necklace for your wife/girlfriend that maps all your special places? Could be holidays, memorable moments at certain spots, or where you celebrated your anniversaries since you met.

I love this idea! Hope their business does well. I think this is really marketable and you could take it further: Let's say you traveled all over the world. Then you could actually make the map 3D. Would probably make production a lot more expensive but I still think the result could be really interesting. @Someone: "Go make invent that!" :P

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