Sunday, 17 June 2012

End of the Road

Just noticed that I hadn't posted my favourite Infected Mushroom track. OMG! NOOO! Well, it's called "End of the Road" and it is epic.

Listen, turn up the volume and get your nightly eargasm!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Salad Is Ok

Of course it is, and it is also a wonderful tune by B Complex. Have a listen:

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Hacking Keyboard in Windows

So the Happy Hacking Professional 2 is in my opinion the ultimate keyboard. However, being Danish I do sometimes need Danish letters. Luckily, in Windows 7 it now easier then ever to create your own keyboard layouts. Simply go here:

Load the layout you wish to base your own design on, make the changes, test, and create installer (found in the project menu). Now you just double-click on the newly created installer and you have your new layout available :) I just downloaded the tool 5 minutes ago and I am now using my new layout.

Nause - Mellow

A "mellow" youtube music war that ended before it got started due to my opponent stumbling upon an awesome track called "mellow":

Since it is Saturday I recommend cranking up the volume and getting those dance muscles exercised! :D

Beautiful creative jewelry - A brilliant idea

One again Coilhouse brings some good stufF:

First of all, I think the jewelry looks really gorgeous. Simplicity is beautiful. But what is really brilliant is that the jewelry now can express something personal.

- Create a set of earrings for yourself based on all the places you visited when you went abroad (assuming you are a girl).
- Create a necklace for your wife/girlfriend that maps all your special places? Could be holidays, memorable moments at certain spots, or where you celebrated your anniversaries since you met.

I love this idea! Hope their business does well. I think this is really marketable and you could take it further: Let's say you traveled all over the world. Then you could actually make the map 3D. Would probably make production a lot more expensive but I still think the result could be really interesting. @Someone: "Go make invent that!" :P