Sunday, 28 October 2012

Swapping CapsLock and Ctrl in Windows 7

I always swap the CapsLock and Ctrl keys and there are quite a few ways to do this in Windows 7, however, the easiest way by far, in my opinion, is simply to manually edit the Windows Registry.

There is nice guide available here:

If you never tried working with these two keys switched then give it at try. It really is a more comfortable way use a keyboard.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Moved blog to blogger

Moved to blogger. Google rocks, and I am getting old and lazy. Look how fancy my blog is! Yay!!!111one... and stuff.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

A groovy summer tune

Beautiful weather, code, and this tune!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

End of the Road

Just noticed that I hadn't posted my favourite Infected Mushroom track. OMG! NOOO! Well, it's called "End of the Road" and it is epic.

Listen, turn up the volume and get your nightly eargasm!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Salad Is Ok

Of course it is, and it is also a wonderful tune by B Complex. Have a listen:

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Hacking Keyboard in Windows

So the Happy Hacking Professional 2 is in my opinion the ultimate keyboard. However, being Danish I do sometimes need Danish letters. Luckily, in Windows 7 it now easier then ever to create your own keyboard layouts. Simply go here:

Load the layout you wish to base your own design on, make the changes, test, and create installer (found in the project menu). Now you just double-click on the newly created installer and you have your new layout available :) I just downloaded the tool 5 minutes ago and I am now using my new layout.

Nause - Mellow

A "mellow" youtube music war that ended before it got started due to my opponent stumbling upon an awesome track called "mellow":

Since it is Saturday I recommend cranking up the volume and getting those dance muscles exercised! :D

Beautiful creative jewelry - A brilliant idea

One again Coilhouse brings some good stufF:

First of all, I think the jewelry looks really gorgeous. Simplicity is beautiful. But what is really brilliant is that the jewelry now can express something personal.

- Create a set of earrings for yourself based on all the places you visited when you went abroad (assuming you are a girl).
- Create a necklace for your wife/girlfriend that maps all your special places? Could be holidays, memorable moments at certain spots, or where you celebrated your anniversaries since you met.

I love this idea! Hope their business does well. I think this is really marketable and you could take it further: Let's say you traveled all over the world. Then you could actually make the map 3D. Would probably make production a lot more expensive but I still think the result could be really interesting. @Someone: "Go make invent that!" :P

Monday, 28 May 2012

Free Fall, an excellent sci-fi crime novel


This book is based on the boardgame Android which I have yet to play. Normally I do not read books that are based on boardgames, or such. I guess I have just seen to many good franchises being raped like that. But a friend lent me this books, and I have to agree with him, it is really good! It's a hard sci-fi and its a damn good crime story. I actually wish someone would make a movie out of this. The hero is awesome, and it is action packed and clever. I can warmly recommend this and definitely need to get my own copy.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Marvelous Unspeakable Horrors

So it happened... I actually read the last story in the Necronomicon. No not the book bound in human flesh, but a fantastic of collection of H. P. Lovecraft stories ( Wonderful weird tales indeed. I have been fascinated by Lovecraft's universe for a long time but never really read any of his stories. I was totally and utterly consumed by them! It took me a long time to read the book simply because I didn't want the marvels he imprinted in my mind to end, ever. I now understand why he is as renowned as he is, and I also think I understand why some people do not like his stories. They are always very descriptive and things do sometimes happen very slowly; however, by telling them like this I see him stretching out the feel of it all, which makes it even more effective on the mind. His universe of unspeakable horrors from other planets and dimensions had a profound impact on my thoughts, both while reading and afterwards. Lovecraft had an amazing ability to be utterly non-human and this I find extremely fascinating. I, as a human tend to compare things to myself, and I see and understand everything as a human. Which is limited to say the least. If we ever meet intelligent life from other places in the cosmos I hope that they are radically different from us. I hope they scare us! I do not hope that they in fact are evil as in Lovecraft's stories but that the difference of their being in itself is scary to us. Something we then must overcome, expand our minds and truly grow. To think of life, completely unlike any form of life I know, is magnificently fascinating to me, and somehow adding a bit of horror to it just makes it that much clearer. Fear we all know, and fear feels like a foreign entity trying to violate our sanity. It's good stuff. Love the book. I will forever be a huge Lovecraft fan.

So what was my favourite story? Well, I can't say exactly but one of them clear has to be "The Shadow Out of Time".

Note: The horrors of his stories does not make them scary to read, at least not for me. They are just wonderfully weird :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Iron Sky

I had extremely high expectations of this movie and it didn't let me down. It was awesome in every way and i laughed throughout :) if anything, it was too short! ;)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Drool! Must own this! Soooo coooool!

The 4-Hour Work Week

Finally got around to reading Tim Ferriss' book The 4-Hour Work Week and I must say that it was a brilliant read.

This is a must-read for any entrepreneur but will also be valuable to everyone else. The mindset that Tim advocates I truly do believe will create for a more exciting and fuller life experience. Tim has a hackers mentality towards life, and the result of this is what he calls "lifestyle design".

The book gave me several new ideas which I will start to implement a.s.a.p. in my own business.

What are you waiting for? Go buy a copy now!