Saturday, 17 September 2011

Staying dry but fancy!

I walk to work every day. It's about 2,9km each way. It often rains in Denmark and I prefer to wear suites, shirts, etc. and really don't want to put on some rain proof pullover pants (I wonder what such pants are actually called in England? Simply "rain paints"?) since it's a hassle and it is simply too hot --- and umbrellas are useless in Denmark due to the strong winds. So how do I get to work dry but not sweaty? The solution is right here:
Jack Murphy Stockton long coat.
You can wear a normal jacket underneath so I now keep it in my bag which I always use instead of an umbrella. If the rains starts pouring down I pull out my Jack Murphy and put over everything I am already wearing (jacket and all). It's brilliant! And also rather cheap.

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